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Preserving Nature


Elkmont Rural Village

Over 150 families enjoy the many amenities of the Elkmont Rural Village neighborhood while living in a rural, peaceful setting. 

Sulphur Creek Trails

Residents and community members have access to roughly 20 miles of walking, hiking, and horse riding trails that surround this rustic village. While the walking and hiking trails may be utilized by everyone, the horse trails are by permit only. 

Growing the Economy

The Alabama Elk River Development Agency strives to improve the economy in the communities along the Elk River Watershed. Land development, reduced commercial rent, and community grants are just a few ways this Quasi-state agency strives to improve the surrounding area. 



In the mid 1970's, the Alabama Elk River Development Association and TVA joined efforts to promote economic growth and conservation along the Alabama portion of the Elk River Watershed. The Elkmont Rural village was developed to demonstrate that future housing demands in an area of rapid industrial expansion can be met in a manner consistent with contemporary planning concepts and high environmental quality standards. These standards are achieved by properly utilizing both public and private sector resources in project planning and development.


Our Leaseholders



"Elkmont Rural Village is a quiet and friendly neighborhood to raise a family in. The included parks, tennis courts, and hiking trails provide outdoor activities for the whole family, parents and children alike."


Stephanie Hatfield

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