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History of AERDA
and the
Elkmont Rural Village

With the increase of urbanization and suburbanization the officials and residents of the lower Elk River area, through the Elk River Development Association, assembled an alternative community design to replace sprawling, unplanned, and inefficient strip development with a well-planned program of rural development. Local officials, with the assistance from TVA planners, proposed a national demonstration of ways to provide necessary services to make the rural areas attractive for living while preserving the rural setting and environment. These demonstrations were called rural villages. 

The Elkmont Rural Village was the first planned Village and operates under the Alabama Elk River Development Agency. In addition to being the owner and managing body of the Elkmont Rural Village, AERDA also operates as a developer of the surrounding area. 

        AERDA Board of Directors

Mayor Richard Herston

Town of Rogersville 

AERDA- Chairman

Mayor Tracy Compton

City of Elkmont

Mark Johnson

Lauderdale County

Mickey Laye

Limestone County

John Morris

Limestone County

Mayor Sandra Burroughs

Town of Lexington, AL 

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